What Crossdressing Means

Crossdressing is the same meaning as the word “transvestite”. This is when a person, mostly males, dress in garments associated with the opposite sex. Some think that crossdressing is the same as drag queens, but that is not true. Drag queens do dress in the apparel that is associated with the opposite sex, and they are mainly men; however, drag queens are normally gay, and they give performances in the imitation of Broadway stars and famous women singers. Also, they would appear as a great caricature of biological women. Googling Rupaul’s quotations would give more education about this subject.

On the other hand, crossdressers are not necessary gay many times. Many times they are husbands and fathers, and they are ordinary men who feel compelled to dress in women’s clothing to reach a certain gratification. They get sexual kicks when they dress in women’s clothes, and then they may masturbate in the clothes. They would wear women’s clothing on occasion or even constantly. They normally love to wear women’s lingerie, and/or low cut women’s clothing that is tight.

Having said this, the difference in wearing clothes of the opposite sex and crossdressing is the presentation and intent of the person. In addition to the distinctions mentioned above that crossdressing has nothing to do with homosexuality and that they are not drag queens, there is also some difference when it comes to the presentation and intent. For example, a man wearing women’s jeans due to it fitting better is not crossdressing. He is only wearing that because it works, regardless if it’s female or not. It has nothing to do with him getting sexual kicks from wearing the women’s jeans in this case. This is the same for a woman wearing a man’s T-shirt or shorts, for instance, many times. Normally in these cases, she is wearing these men’s clothing because it works, she probably didn’t have the right type of clothing at the time because a lot of her clothes need washing, or etc. In this case, she is not having a sexual gratification from wearing men’s clothes. A crossdresser wouldn’t even think about the clothing of the opposite sex fitting or not. They just want that sexual/emotional high. The bottom line is it’s about why and not what- when it comes to whether the person is a crossdresser or not.

Another thing is that crossdressers are normally very macho in their masculinity. They don’t want to have an operation to change their sex. The bottom line is it’s about why and not what- when it comes to whether the person is a crossdresser or not.

In the US, it’s estimated that between 1 in 10 and 1 in 100 men are crossdressers. It’s hard to have a more accurate estimation because many crossdressers are afraid to be found out so they are closeted. They know that society perceives it a weakness for a man to appear feminine.